My Why

In my Dads last year of life, 2006, he bought a sailing boat, as this was one of his many ambitions. He wanted to name it after my sister Lucy and I, and asked me to think of a name. With the knowledge, that I can be a little quirky at times, I combined Lucy and my name together, which spelt LUNY. And Dads boat name was created.

After his passing, I got married to my gorgeous wife Shana, and we went on to have 2 beautiful children, Harry and Poppy. And combining their names together, spells HAPPY.

And HAPPY LUNY became my why.

Everything I do, is for my darling wife Shana, my 2 wonderful children and to continue my Dads legacy through my eyes. He still lives on through me.

This image represents eternity and the S for Shana, combined with HAPPY LUNY on the 2 forks of the Y, are my sole reason for everything I do.

And I know, if I can help enough sales teams achieve their goals; then I can make HAPPY LUNY a roaring success too and let my children continue Shana and my legacy.

Help, don’t sell
Always give it your all
Professional at all times
Productivity trumps everything
Your why is to empower 1m sales people

Listen to learn
Understand, you is more important than I
No means not yet
You always ask why