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eLearning For Sales Professionals

People learn differently. Tony Morris International has designed an eLearning solution, designed to enable sales professionals to consume content around their time schedules.

There are 3 different eLearning products, each one comprises of the following:

  • 25 courses (300+ Bite-size videos)
  • Workbooks for each course
  • Tests for each course


The 3 eLearning products are:

eLearning for Sales Professionals (General Sales across industry)

eLearning for Estate and Letting Agents

eLearning for Mortgage and Protection Advisers

Once you become a member, you become a member of Tony’s sales tribe. This community meets up twice a month online, where the members have a Q&A with Tony, and he makes LIVE SALES CALLS to the members leads.

Tony Morris International Conversion Specialist EA University
Tony Morris International Conversion Specialist Study University

Bespoke Sales Training that will catapult your sales Teams’ results

Tony Morris International has only 1 objective: To help their clients get an ROI. When their clients invest in their sales team, their sales leaders and their business, they can have absolute peace of mind, that they will get a ROI within a matter of weeks.

To tailor all our training we take our clients through a 4 step process.

Communications Speaker

Tony Morris is an International Communications Speaker, Best-selling author, Contributor for Forbes, and Founder of an International sales training company. Him and his team have helped develop over 50,000 sales professionals, across 60 industries to perform at the top of their game.

Tony is known as, The Sales Conversion Strategist. He helps Sales Leaders, to enable their sales team to increase conversions at every stage of the sales process.

Tony’s sales superpower is he conducts LIVE sales calls on stage to his audiences’ dream prospects and most importantly, he gets results.

Tony Morris International Conversion Specialist Sales University


Tony Morris International has created The Sales Academy, a World Class 12-month virtual training program, delivered by world class experts, at a fraction of bespoke training fees. This has been achieved by having companies from all over the World, from a variety of industries, come together and learn from 7 leading experts in their field.

We have also created Agency Academy, which has been designed for estate and letting agents all over the World.

The Sales Academy and Agency Academy comprises of:

  • 24 LIVE Masterclasses (2 per month)
  • Access to 25 online courses (300+ Bite-size videos)
  • 2 x 1hr Monthly Virtual Meet ups – Q&A with Tony and he conducts LIVE SALES CALLS to the members leads
The value Tony can add with his expert level of practical training and coaching is excellent. He has an extremely engaging training style and was able to relate quickly to a very well established and tough sales team. It is obvious to see that he is an expert at the metrics of selling and can not only talk the talk but has successfully walked the walk. For me the biggest positive was the confidence Tony gave the sales team to deliver a natural, flowing and structured sales approach along with instilling the importance of knowing and understanding your numbers.

Sam Ward, Managing Director

Vans Direct – Car Leasing company

Without exception, everyone at David Phillips who has worked with Tony has spoken highly of his approach, methods – and most importantly, results!  We love him because while totally results-oriented, he also spends time to understand the culture and context of the teams that he works with, thus bringing a whole lot more to us than simply ‘training’.  He will be a vital ingredient in our drive to become a £100m company in the next few years.

Nicholas Gill, Managing Director

David Phillips – Furniture Solutions Company

Within the first hour of hearing Tony speak, my sales team were transfixed. Their only complaint was it did not go on long enough.

Alex Littner, CEO

Max Capital – Lender to SME’s

After seeing Tony speak at the Newton Fallowell conference, I knew we had to bring him into my business. Tony ran a 6-month training program for our mortgage and protection advisers and our client support team. They absolutely loved how practical the techniques and ideas were, and they were able to implement them within days of the training. We have seen a significant increase in our protection penetration and an increase in our referral business. I cannot recommend Tony and his team high enough and it will be one of the best investments you make for your business.

Michelle Brook, CEO

Brook Financial Services (Mortgage and Protection business, which is part of the Belvoir Group)

Tony Morris’ presentation at our recent SKO was truly transformative. The standout aspects of his presentation were his practical approach and the key takeaways our team left with. Tony simplified complex sales strategies into actionable steps, making them accessible to all. He backed this up with real-world case studies, adding authenticity to his teachings. Highlights included his compelling storytelling, a blend of methodology and entertainment, and an appreciated customization to our needs. I would highly recommend Tony as a sales speaker to any organisation looking for a motivational sales speaker.

Jenna Howes

Head of Events marketing

We have now worked with Tony for 8 years. He has never been in the waste and construction space, however he just gets it. He has proven to all the team that sales skills are transferable, and he is able to make complex sales stregies seem simple. The thing my team love the most is he is happy to pick up the phone, make live sales calls in front of all us and most imporantly, get results. My team and I watched him make 1 cold call, close for an appointment and its now a £100,000 deal in our pipeline. I cannot recommend Tony highly enough and I wish he was in our team. Our appointments rates went from 14 per week to 24 per week, within the first 3 months. Our conversion rate from door-to-door canvassing went from 13 contracts a month, to 21 contracts a month. We were able to get involved in more Nationwide tenders, as we were able to engage more stakeholders within the larger companies.

Alex McKay

Head of Business Development

Tony Morris came in and assessed both our sales teams. Within 1 day he identified so many areas that needed attention and created a bespoke training plan. After spending 2 days with my inside sales team, the results went to another level. The team absolutely loved him and felt his techniques were relatable and easy to put into practice. We increased our contact rate from 14% to 39% within 6 weeks. Our conversion rate from pitch to close doubled in 2 months. Our Senior Account Managers were able to grow their accounts by internal recommendations. Our client attrition rate reduced from 9% to 3% in the first 12 months.

Daisy Todd

Head of Inside Sales at Cyclops

Tony Morris started working with us in 2009 and he spent time assessing my sales team, listening to their calls, and reviewing their call structure. Within 4 weeks my sales team were having much better conversations, and they were able to handle every objection. Within 2 months, they went from making 2 appointments per person per week, to 6 appointments per person per week. Tony then spent time out in the field with my team and helped them articulate our solution face to face, and their conversions started increasing immediately. We saw a significant reduction in our cost per acquisition, and that’s why Tony still works with us after 15 years. We tripled our conversion rate from a cold call to an appointment. Within 4 months, our conversion rate from an appointment to a customer, went from 29% to 48%. We increased our average order value by 12% over a 12-month period.

Rick Heap

Cirrus Research – Noise Measurement Solutions

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