Who is Tony Morris?

Tony is someone who has a genuine passion to help as many sales people as possible achieve their big goals. He has a rare ability to translate exactly what is required to be successful in sales. When he speaks, people want to listen. 
Sales came quite naturally to Tony, although he has invested copious amounts of time and money in developing himself further. He always strives to better himself and achieve more and his tenacity has helped him to learn, grow and develop. 
Tony’s big goal is to share his message on stage to 10,000 sales people and he’s working his way towards it. He’s captivated audiences around the world and has now spoken in 20 countries. He’s written 5 books on sales and is in the process of writing a further 2. Alongside his previous business partner he set up Sales Doctors, a sales training company that has helped over 35,000 sales people. 
Please enjoy the content on Tony’s site and he’d be delighted to help you or your sales team achieve their goals.

Tony has a strikingly natural quality. He is incredibly confident without being arrogant; he is a master of the material in which he specialises; he practices what he preaches and demonstrates his ability during his actual presentation. He’s one of those speakers who makes practical ideas easy to grasp and delivers everything with memorable and engaging stories.

If you’re looking for a sales speaker that shares ideas that can be implemented immediately, will have the audience in stitches and will inspire everyone to sell more, then Tony Morris is the speaker for you.

With over 13 years of experience with agents and speaking at many of the property conferences, our founder Tony Morris has been able to see who are the best suppliers in the industry. Here you can find a selection of some of these suppliers that can help your agencies add value to your clients and create a revenue stream.

All sales training delivered is practical and based on real life scenarios, which enables sales teams to implement their learnings the following day to achieve instant results. Every trainer that Tony employs has achieved success in sales and has the ability to translate their learnings into the clients business. Whether you sell over the phone, face to face or presenting at Board level, Sales Doctors can accommodate your requirements.

Sales Doctors have created the ‘4D system’ that ensures the training is 100% tailored to your business and your teams sales challenges.


We believe cold calling in isolation is dead. That’s why, Daniel Disney, creator of ‘The Daily Sales’ and Tony Morris, International sales speaker, have teamed up and created Prospecting University. This is modern day prospecting; it’s a 12 month face to face and online program designed to help catapult every sales professional to the next level. 

Tony is the author of 5 sales books: Coffee’s for Closers, Dear Sales Doctor, Estate of Mind, The Perfect Sales Meeting and The Perfect Sales Call. Each have achieved 4* and 5* book reviews across numerous business magazines and journals.