Bad call earned my company over £1m

In 2007, 12 months after I set up my sales training company, I was sitting in my office in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, listening to 1 of my salespeople, a guy called Ronnie, making a cold call to Jeremy Knight. At the time, Jeremy was the owner of a property investment company called Knight Knox, 1 of the largest in the Uk.I listened intently to the call, up to the point Jeremy gave the objection, ‘Call me in a few months,’ which Ronnie accepted and put the phone down in defeat. I asked Ronnie 1 question, ‘why does Jeremy want a call in a few months and doesn’t want to meet now?’ He was unable to answer that, so I called Jeremy back.I made the appointment for 2 weeks time in a local pub near my house. At that meeting, he agreed to 3 days of sales training with his sales team in Manchester. After doing those 3 days, within 4 weeks Jeremy had a 4X ROI and he then committed to a monthly training program that went on for a further 5 years.On the back of that success, I ended up becoming the market-leading sales training co in that space, training Assetz, Select properties, Cybarco in Greece, VMA in Italy, EMP in Bucharest, Simply Group, Greenwich overseas, Athena Advisors, and the list goes on.I ended up speaking at the overseas property show, where I gotBooked to train Lucas Fox, the leading real Estate in Barcelona, Beaux Village in France, QP Savills in the Algarve and the list goes on.At Assetz Property Group I met a management consultant, called Chris Charnock, who was a Chair for the world’s largest peer-to-peer group called Vistage UK.

As a Vistage speaker, I have now delivered my ‘perfect first impression’ masterclass in over 20 Vistage Groups, and have spoken at over 10 other Peer-to-peer groups. I have won over 18 clients who are all members of Vistage across the UK.I also met a guy called Jordan Yaffe at Assetz who has stayed in touch with me for the last 12 years, and I just met him 2 hours ago here in Dubai, where we discussed a project I’m potentially going to be getting involved with in Dubai.And this is all from a bad phone call by Ronnie in 2007.Never underestimate how much every sales call could be worth to your business.And when you next hear, ‘Call me in a few months,’ think twice before quitting on that call.