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TMI was formed to empower, develop, and inspire 1 million people in sales.

Tony Morris International has developed a sales methodology that helps clients Attract, Solve the prospects challenges, so they become a client, and then Keep them for life, so they become raving fans and continue to recommend you.

This sales methodology is called, ‘The A.S.K. Philosophy Principles. Attract, Solve and Keep clients.

Attract the right leads
Solve the challenges
Keep them for life

Below is a breakdown of the methodology and all the content that Tony Morris International delivers to their clients.

To Attract prospects we have designed ‘The Magnetic prospect M.E.T.H.O.D.S.

To Solve the prospects challenges, we have designed, The Winning Results R.O.A.D.M.A.P.

To Keep clients we have designed the, Raving Fan F.O.R.M.U.L.A.

Below outlines what that content entails .

What is Tony's WHY?
Tony’s why is to empower, develop and inspire 1 million people around the World to be the best version of themselves in the world of sales.
What is Tony’s HOW?
By delivering his sales methodology: A.S.K Philosophy Principles: Attract, Solve, and keep clients, through a variety of platforms.
How did the A.S.K Philosophy Principles come about?
Since 2006, Tony has had the pleasure of working with over 50,000 sales professionals around the world. We have been able to codify what the top 1% of sales professionals do differently and have developed this methodologyto help others achieve outstanding success in sales.